Direct Doctorate in Food Technology

Direct Doctorate in Food Technology

Requirements for enrollment

1. The candidate must have been registered in the Master’s Program in Food Technology of FEA for no longer than the 2nd semester;

2. The candidate must have taken at least 16 credits in courses of the Food Technology Department and been approved with a concept of A (yield coefficient equal to 4 according to the norms of the Academic Directorate of UNICAMP – DAC). Course TP 199 will not be considered for this purpose;

3. The candidate should be registered in the course TP 199 – Seminars;

Transfer approval criteria:

1. Transfer to the Doctoral Program depends on the unanimous approval of the candidate by the Qualifying Exam Board, this exam being carried out as part of the course TP 199 – seminars;

2. The Qualifying Exam Board must be approved by the SCPG/DTA, which will be informed of the request to transfer the student to the doctoral program;

3. A Master’s Program student of DTA who manages to obtain a direct doctorate scholarship from FAPESP will automatically be transferred to the Doctoral Program.

Classification criteria for the concession of institutional scholarships:

1. In order to apply for an institutional scholarship, the candidate must enroll in the DTA Doctoral selection process;

2. The candidate will be classified according to his/her score in the written exam;

3. The candidate will not be submitted to an interview or analysis of his/her curriculum.