Direct Doctorate in Food Engineering


Ref. Acceptance of the transfer of a student to the Doctoral Program in Food Engineering without first obtaining the title of master

In the Food Engineering Department reunion on 05/06/2016, the Postgraduate Program in Food Engineering approved acceptance of the transfer of a student to the Doctoral Program without the title of master, so long as the candidate conforms to the following prerequisites:

1. The candidate should have been registered in the master’s program for at least 12 months and have taken the obligatory courses obtaining a Yield Coefficient above 3.5 (according to the CCPG-UNICAMP calculation criterion);

2. The advisor of the candidate for transfer to the doctoral program should send a letter to the PPG-EA coordination justifying the indication, together with the research plan for the doctoral program;

3. The candidate will be evaluated according to the doctoral research plan and his/her academic activities (undergraduate research training, articles published in indexed journals, participation and presentation of work in seminars and congresses in the area) by an Evaluation Commission formed by the members of the PPG-EA plus the professors responsible for the obligatory courses, except the part directly interested.

Campinas, May 6th 2016

Program Coordination

Postgraduate Program in Food Engineering