PRE-ENROLLMENT FOR PIF – June 4th to 8th 2018

List of courses to be offered in the seconde semester of 2018 – (to be published)

To be admitted into this program, the individual should formalize his enrollment by handing in the requested documentation to the FEA postgraduate secretariat.

Documents required for enrollment:

1: Postgraduate secretariat enrollment form – (ON-LINE FORM) -  (available in pré-enrrollment period);

OBSERVATION: Mark the option “Student of the Integrated Training Program”;

2. Letter from a Faculty professor showing interest in advising the activities of the student in the program;

3. Proof of having carried out or be currently carrying out an undergraduate scientific training period (iniciação científica);

4. Copy of the undergraduate transcript with the Y.C. (C.R.) (the candidate should have concluded at least 65% of the credits in obligatory undergraduate courses in Food Engineering with an IYC equal or greater than 1.0);

5. Financial assistance test;

6. One photo 3 x 4.

After publication of the results, the candidate accepted to take a course should fill in the registration form (DAC – SIGA/Registration) in the period (tobe published)

Pre-enrollment results (to be published)

Registration form – SIGA system (only for accepted candidates)

Program Description

The Integrated Training Program (PIF) is aimed at students regularly registered in undergraduate courses at UNICAMP, allowing them to simultaneously carry out undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a view to successively obtaining undergraduate and master’s diplomas. In order to obtain the master’s diploma, the students accepted for this program should submit themselves and be approved in the selective process for admission to the course, and comply with all the other demands.

When requested by the student, and accompanied by a report from his/her advisor and by the Postgraduate Commission (CPG) of the Unit, credits obtained in postgraduate courses can be validated at the moment of the student’s admission as a regular Postgraduate student.

The activities of each student of this program will be oriented by a professor accredited in at least one of the FEA Postgraduate Programs.

On concluding his/her undergraduate program, a student who took part in this program will have the right to an official participation certificate emitted by DAC.

For more information, consult CEPE Deliberation A-22 of 04/12/2001