Documents required for registration

  • Notice of Admission (provided by the postgraduate secretariat on the registration days)
  • Acceptance of orientation (provided by the postgraduate secretariat on the registration days)
  • Undergraduate Degree Diploma
  • Certificate of completion of the Undergraduate course (with course completion and graduation ceremony dates up to the last day of registration) – only for those who did not receive their Undergraduate Diploma up to the registration period.
  • Identity card (RG)
  • Individual registration (CPF) (not compulsory for foreigners at the beginning)
  • National registration for foreigners (RNE) or registration protocol –(for foreigners)
  • Passport – for foreigners
  • Birth or Marriage Certificate
  • Letter confirming right to register (document emitted by the foreign student sector of DAC – for foreign candidates)


  • Foreign undergraduate diplomas and birth or marriage certificates must OBLIGATORILY be accompanied by a CERTIFIED TRANSLATION according to the orientations of DAC concerning DOCUMENTS PRODUCED ABROAD:

  • For enrollment in the doctoral program, check the document of proof requested by the program about the Master during the Selective Process.
  • the undergraduate course completion declaration must have dates for the completion and graduation ceremony up to the last day of registration. THE REGISTRATION OF A CANDIDATE PRESENTING A DECLARATION OF COURSE COMPLETION WITH A DATE AFTER THAT OF REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • All photocopies (legible) must include the front and back of the document
  • In the case of non-authenticated photocopies – the original document must be presented during the act of registration for conference and authentication of the copy.
  • Digitalized documents will not be accepted.

Information for students who registered without presenting their undergraduate diploma

Exceptionally, a regular student may be allowed to register without presenting the Diploma of a University Course emitted by a known institution during the act of registration, if he/she presents proof of his/her undergraduate course completion which includes the date of the graduation ceremony and data of the recognition of the course. In this case, the Course Diploma, duly registered, must be presented up to a maximum of 60 (sixty) days before the date fixed for the Dissertation or Thesis defense (Article 17, paragraph 4 of the General Postgraduate Programs Regime – CONSU deliberation A-010/2015 of 11/08/2015.