Dr. Liliana de Oliveira Rocha;

E-mail: lrocha@unicamp.br
Curriculum Lattes

Since its creation, FEA has continuously aimed at maintaining a standard of academic excellence with the production of knowledge and the graduation of highly qualified personnel. Of the Institutes and Faculties making up UNICAMP, FEA is one of the units offering the largest numbers of Postgraduate programs, all very well evaluated by CAPES (Coordination of the upgrading of university level personnel). FEA has 4 Postgraduate programs: Food Science, Food Engineering, Food Technology and Food & Nutrition, and recently a 5th Doctoral program in Bioenergy was incorporated into the existing programs of the unit.

The Postgraduate program in Food Science was created in 1969, and was the first Postgraduate program in the Food Science area to be implanted in Brazil; the doctorate was created in 1975. The Postgraduate program in Food Technology was created in 1969 with the offer of the Master’s degree; the doctorate in this area was introduced in 1978. The Postgraduate program in Food Engineering was created in 1969 with the offer of the Master’s degree, whilst the Doctoral program started in 1980. Both the Master’s and Doctoral degrees of the Postgraduate program in Food and Nutrition were established in 1987, under the name of Nutrition Sciences. The integrated program for the doctorate in Bioenergy (USP, UNICAMP and UNESP) was recognized by MEC (Ministry of Education) on December 18th 2013.

Since their establishment, the Postgraduate programs at FEA have resulted in the defense of 1,112 Doctoral theses and 1,578 Master’s dissertations. The students who egressed from these programs currently occupy important positions in Research Institutes, food industries, governmental and non-governmental organizations and national and foreign universities.

The doctoral program in Bioenergy started in 2014 as a joint initiative between the three state universities of the State of São Paulo, Brazil: University of São Paulo (USP), State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and The University of the State of São Paulo (UNESP). This program is a unique initiative involving the three Universities of the State of São Paulo, and presents various innovative aspects.

Currently FEA has 54 professors, all with the title of doctor. They are researchers of excellence who contribute to a high level of teaching and research as well as providing services, following the worldwide tendencies of all the segments that integrate the food area.